Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coloured Sketch....

I don't do much colour stuff. I've been learning a little photoshop over the past few days....when I say 'learning' I mean blundering through it trying not to make too many mistakes.


thebaddy said...

Nice stuff there Adam. Go photoshop.

Check it –

With the impending onset of Spring in the air and a gradual lengthening of the evenings, we here at the Dublin Comic Jam HQ propose a two finger salute to the prevailing economic woes in the form of our monthly meet up, pass bits of paper around and add punch-line after punch-line to each other's doodles.

So … 8pm on Thursday, 19th of February, upstairs in the comfortable confines of The Lord Edward.

If you're curious/nervous, some examples of previous collective punches delivered to the gut of group-improvised comics can be viewed online at

Amazing, eh?

Bring your own drawing equipment, we'll take care of the paper.

Hopefully see you there,

PS. Please feel free to cross post/pass along this information to whomever might be interested.

Moondog said...

This is really interesting, kinda airbrushed feel to it. Very atmospheric. I'd be lying if I said I preferred it to the inks though, they're just more immediate and striking in my book.